Benefits of working with Clayrazy

The workshops are an excellent opportunity for adults/children to interact and socialise with their peers, through fun activities. Some of the activities that can be undertaken with the clay are designed so that individuals can have a go, on an individual basis, at creating with the clay. But it can also be used as a group craft experience too, where everyone contributes to a masterpiece.

The latter approach is great for building up social interaction within individuals and for them to learn about team work, sharing and cooperation. It’s also such a sense of achievement for them to be involved in a group project and to feel very pleased with their contribution, however small or large. Thus, increasing self-esteem, and self-worth as a result.

Taking part in these workshops can have significant benefits. For example, holding the craft tools, wire or scissors in their hands can help with fine-tuning motor skills. It also helps improve coordination and strength which will have long-lasting benefits, such as helping ability to write and use a pen.

Working with the clay can also reinforce colour recognition, colour mixing, proportions, sequencing, listening skills and team work, communication and social skills.

Workshops are fun and enjoyable for all participants and will help to boost an individual’s confidence in their own abilities.

Clayrazy - Clay modelling made easy

Happy Clients

​“Awesome time at minecraft workshop, kids really loved it.”​


Gary Power, Belfast

“Attending the workshops at The Academy has helped improve my son's concentration and fine motor skills. He just loves working with Clayrazy.”

Fern Morton, Belfast



I just want to say a huge thank you for making my daughters birthday so special. The instructor was amazing with the kids, keeping them focused and making the model was the highlight of the party. They all said it was the best party ever. I will be recommending you to everyone!


Sinead, Belfast